Saturday, 25 September 2010

Setting Sail

After some difficulties persuading the gate guard to let our little group into the harbour, we finally got everyone on board at around 8:45, before setting sail at 9.

After a brief talk in the mess (dining room), and watching the Algoa depart Cape Town harbour, it was time for a quick life jacket drill so everyone knows where their lifejackets are and which life rafts they are assigned to, along with some basic safety on board. Unfortunately, by this time, many of our young colleagues were feeling the gentle heaving of the ship and were looking a little under the weather.

As I type this, the rest of Algoa's guests are in their cabins, waiting for some seasickness medication to have a chance to act, so I thought I'd take the time out to update the blog.

After lunch, we'll tour the bridge, so the students can see how the ship is controlled and navigated.

At around 3PM, we'll be deploying a satellite drifter, so the students can see first hand how we deploy these very useful pieces of scientific equipment. We'll be launching another one between Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth, and have another 3 that will be deployed later on as the vessel crosses the Mozambique Channel.

If the students are up to it later, I'll introduce them to you! Once I find my camera data cable, I'll add some pictures too.

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