Monday, 2 November 2009

Reception and Good-Bye Comoros

After a successful completion of the cruise, we have arrived back in the Comoros, this time at Anjouan Island (Nzwani). The day has been busy with a reception of local and national heads of government, local heads of commerce, UNDP and ASCLME delegates as well as the press. After the welcomes, meetings and speeches on the island, the group joined the Research vessel for a tour of the ship and a closer inspection of the equipment, work and samples that have kept the scientists busy for the past month. As a big surprise to everyone, the president of the Union of the Comoros, his excellency Mr Ahmed Abdallah M. Sambialso also graced us with his presence. The atmosphere was congenial and many discussions were held.
Now, the time has come to conclude this cruise. Most of us will leave the vessel tomorrow morning and scatter back to our places of origin to work up and start analysing the miriad of collected samples. After that the Dr Fridjof Nansen will continue on to La Reunion ... to start a new collaborative cruise (with the IUCN) on seamounts.

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