Friday, 16 October 2009

Trainees and participants continued ...

Jaffar Mouhiddine has a MSc in oceanography, is a teacher and research scientist at the Ministry of Education of Anjouan, Comoros. He is also a member of the national center for scientific documentation and research (CNDRS) of Anjouan. In 2004, he was part of his first cruise, conducting research on the Coelacanth. He attended the ASCLME and SWIOFP training course in South Africa in June / July 2009 because he wants to undertake a PhD thesis on Comoran fisheries. This cruise will give him a lot of experience on the fishes and on the general food web of Comoran waters. He also hopes to be part of the identification and treatment of the samples taken during this cruise, which could help him with his research. Presently, the Comoros are lacking knowledge on fish identification and on fisheries management. He would thus like to gain experience among experienced scientist in South Africa and transfer knowledge back to the young university of the Comoros. E-mail address:

Kate Munnik is a MSc student at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Her MSc project is focusing on the movement of inshore line fisheries on the west coast of Southern Africa from the Northern Benguela to the Southern Benguela region. Kate’s research interests include physical oceanography, ichthyology and marine biology. This is her first research cruise and she is very excited to learn about all the different sampling procedures across the disciplines. Personally, she enjoys running in the mountains, sushi, rowing, reading and hockey (in no particular order).

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