Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Trainees and participants continued ...

Soafia Binty Ali is based at the Institut Haleutique et des Sciences Marines (IH-SM), University of Toliara, Madagascar. She completed her DEA (Masters) on identification and distribution (through space and time) of zooplankton that exist in the Toliara Bay. For the preparation of her PhD, she is concentrating on zooplankton biomass in the Toliara Bay. This is the first time that she will be participating in a research cruise therefore it is very important for her because she has the opportunity to see different materials that is not available in her institute. In addition, she is gaining experience in different methodologies. This cruise will help her collect data and will assist her in the comparison of zooplankton between Madagascar and Comoros. She would like to participate in the analysis of the zooplankton samples collected during this cruise. In her free time she enjoys reading, watching movies and playing handball.

Caren George is an intern based at SAEON Egagasini node (offshore) and is awaiting her final results from her MSc. Her project centered on the physical, chemical and biological interactions along the STC to the south of Africa. Her research interests include physical oceanography, biological oceanography and fisheries management. She is in the process of developing a PhD topic which she hopes to start next year. She is very excited to join this cruise and gain experience in fisheries related sampling and participating in an international and multi-cultural research cruise. In her spare time, Caren enjoys relaxing at the beach, rock climbing and yoga.

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