Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Introduction to trainees and participants

Over the next few days, the different research participants and ASCLME/SWIOFP trainees will be given a chance to introduce themselves. Here are the first two:

Charine Collins is a PhD student at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Her PhD project is focusing on the dynamics of the Comoros Gyre and how it may impact on coral reef biodiversity in the region. Her research interests include physical oceanography, marine biology and ocean modeling amongst others. She would like to gain experience in onboard sampling procedures as well as contribute to the collection of data of which some will be used in her research. On a more personal note, Charine enjoys reading books.

Youssouf Ben Ali abdallâh is a native of the Comoros; he has obtained his diploma in Engineering in Oceanography at the University of Sciences and Technology houari Boumediene of Algiers, Algeria. Youssouf’s main research interests are marine seaweeds. His participation on this cruise is his first experience of this kind. It allows him to familiarize himself with different sampling techniques as well as sampling instrumentation, notably the CTD. This is also a big opportunity for him to discover another universe of marine research as carried out by the famous research vessel, the R/V DR FRIDTJOF NANSEN. He is part of the team lead by Dr Sven Kaehler and it is very important to him to be part of this scientific adventure.

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