Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The post-hunt party

After a successful survey of Mozambique Channel Eddies, work is now drawing to a close and a final social gathering was held before the data analysis starts and before steaming back to South Africa. During our stop-over and braai just off the coast from Vilankulos (Mozambique), our cruise leader Tor turned into a bard and Keshnee Pillay graciously accepted the role of "golden-haired" Santa Lucia and joined the pre-Christmas festivities.

By popular demand Tor's lyrics are provided below (yes … we have all been at sea too long … :)

The Eddie hunt song (by Tor Gammelsrød)

Women on cruises bring favourite pets

For instance did Jenny bring a huge multinet

Keshnee brought chemicals, and got high now and then

Tammy brought drifters, Jackie brought Sven

REF: Nansen Cruise, ocean blue

Fantastic food and an excellent crew

Jackie and Sven they have courage and will

doing production is their favourite skill

always during night, seldom during day

what kind of production they don’t want to say

Nansen cruise…

Jenny loves animals, particularly small

But flirting with her? She’s not interested at all

Says she: if you want fancy me use multi-net

That is the way to get my trousers wet

Nansen cruise…

Both females and males they have sexual drifts

for some a nuisance, for others a gift

For Tammy the pressure got hard, oh my Lord,

she decided to throw her drifts overboard

Nansen cruise…

Bjørn and André they studied Keshnee

Is it possible to get that beauty on my knee?

but she did not want to use them as her pets

She was busy reading books and smoking cigarettes

Nansen cruise…

Trawling for fish for survival is a must

Jean Francois and Doris in acoustics they trust

Records they broke which long stand they will

catch per unit effort was just below nil

Nansen cruise…

The Longliner should help us with catch after all

But she did not meet us. Scandal! said Pascal

This is not only a scandal said furious Michel

It’s a criminal act!; c’est merde!, Quelle bordell

Nansen cruise…

Bevin turned the light in the lab way down low

Avelino and Dino gave a sexy floor show

The lab ended finally up as discotheque

The samples got drunken the filters got leak

Nansen cruise…

The party to night has a scientific aim

so for Bruce the whole cruise should not be in vain

For our patient and dedicated top spectator

finally may study us top predators

Nansen cruise…

Bruce will determine our sex and our age

Sexual maturity, our length and our weight

But I think I will move ashore in a tent

When he starts to sample the stomach content

Nansen cruise…

written by: Sven Kaehler

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