Wednesday, 1 October 2008

En route to the last station

Well, we're finally en route to the last station, just outside Port St. Louis Harbour, we're getting a lovely view of the mountains of Mauritius from here. After that, it's straight into the harbour, then time to clear the customs and immigration formalities. And after that, well, we're getting off the ship and going out! Sigbjørn has declared this evening a "welfare dinner", where everyone goes and eats together on shore.

I think everyone is pretty keen to get off and stand somewhere where you don't get thrown off balance every few minutes, where things stay put where you put them, and you don't have to think every moment "Hmm, if I leave this here, will it break?". Not to mention seeing something other than endless blue ocean, that whilst lovely for a while, does eventually get trying - but it makes you realise how badly named this planet is. We call it "Earth", yet over 2/3rd of it is ocean - and a much bigger fraction of the total biosphere. It's strange to note that humans have seen more of the dark side of the moon than the deep oceans. More of even Mars or some of the more distant planets. We still have a lot to learn out here!

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