Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bye bye Bongo

This morning, I received an SMS from Tommy Bornman who is currently on the Nansen (I left the ship last night after the function; the ship sailed to start the second part of the cruise, a survey around Mauritius, early this morning) to say that the wire that was connected to the Bongo nets snapped whilst the vessel was in around about 1,000m of water off Mauritius. I believe it was accidentally lifted up too high on the winch, which caused the break EDIT: I have been corrected - the SMS correspondence I had with someone aboard was evidently incorrect - apparently it was corroded winch cable which caused the loss of the bongo. There is another bongo net frame on board, but I'm not sure there are spare flowmeters for it; there was a third one in the bongo supply box but it didn't really spin very well. I guess we'll have to expedite some spares from somewhere! There are codends on the vessel which could be adapted too. Whether there are spare nets of the right mesh size though, I'm not sure. There were several in the box, so hopefully, things will be OK. Bongos seem to be quite fragile, or maybe it's just this expedition being overly harsh on them.

I hope Tommy will keep you all informed about what is going on aboard the Nansen and continue updating this blog. If anyone else aboard the vessel would like to contribute to the Blog, please send me an email (Tommy has the address) and I will add you to the system.

I am currently using a hotel PC as the hotel's wireless internet seems to be down. I've also apparently left my flash stick on the vessel, so can't carry across the images from the big function last night. I will make a retro-active post as soon as I can.

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