Friday, 5 September 2008

Position update - and a good night of sleep!

Last night was a pleasant break - there was absolutely nothing to do during my shift as we were just steaming to the next station, having completed processing the trawl during Jéssica's shift. Jens-Otto said we were free to go to bed if we wished (and that we would be woken if anything interesting that demanded work showed up!). I watched a movie (Next) with Carel and Jéssica; the Dr Fridtjof Nansen is equipped with a rather large screen and surround sound system in the Day Room. After that, I went to bed and had nearly 8 hours of sleep, which was a pleasant change!

To the left you'll see an image from last night's trawl - the bulk of the catch was the aptly-named greeneyes, Chlorophthalmus.

Several people sent me messages about sorting out the position errors I mentioned in an earlier post. Turns out the format of the Nansen's position isn't *that* odd (it's degrees and decimal minutes), and that Google Maps will pretty much play nicely with them (thanks Guy); I had obviously previously tried inputting them in some weird way, or read that google maps needed decimal degrees or something like that!

Tommy Bornman sent me the manual conversion method to decimal degrees:

Saw your entry on the Blog. What you should do is divide the decimal minutes by 60 then add the result to the degrees, e.g.

25° 50.493E = 50.493/60 = 0.84155 then add to degrees = 25.84155°
45° 30.129S = 30.129/60 = 0.50215; + 45 = 45.50215°

So, if you need it, there it is!

We are currently here on a CTD station.

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