Sunday, 28 September 2008

Last station

We're currently finishing off the last station of the Madagascar leg, just south of the Farquhar Island group - the southernmost part of the Seychelles, northeast of Madagascar. We'll be going closer to one of the islands in about an hour or two to have a look at it. Sigbjørn is threatening to do another trawl there, after which, we'll turn south and steam to Mauritius - a lot of just plain sailing with no oceanographic surveying.

This will give me a chance to play "catch up" on a couple of items for the blog, which I will get to after I've had some sleep.

There is also a small possibility we'll do a line of stations into Mauritius to take some of the pressure off the next leg, which has a mere three days to do a very detailed survey around Mauritius - but it all depends on how kind the wind, currents and waves are to us, and what kind of speed we can make. We should arrive in Port St. Louis on the 1st.

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