Friday, 19 September 2008

The internet died. As did the engines!

We're currently just drifting, as there was some kind of oil leak; the ship will be unpowered for about an hour and a half whilst the oil leak is fixed.

My good intentions of putting up a whole load of new blog posts last night were demolished when the ship turned around at the end of the last CTD line and headed inshore; for whatever reason, the satellite dish didn't like that direction and couldn't acquire the satellite again until this morning sometime. After about an hour of waiting, I gave up, and partook in movie night, complete with popcorn which I'd cunningly packed for just such an occasion! Now we have internet again, I can resume my posting - the blogger backend system I use to write these posts really needs to be online to work properly. In the end, I had nearly 12 hours of lying in my bed - sadly not all of it sleeping; I have now become a rather light sleeper, so any time someone else in the cabin gets up to do something, I wake up too! Not to mention one of my cabin mates was gently snoring...!

In any case, updates are still coming, and will be posted as and when I get a chance to write them. Right now is looking good!

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