Monday, 1 September 2008

Horrid weather

Well, it's rather unpleasant outside - grey skies, rain and stormy-looking seas. The waves aren't too big yet, but I doubt very much the crew will get up to their usual sunbathing on the front of the ship today! The weather station on the ship says the wind is going between Gale and Strong Gale on the Beaufort scale - gusts of wind over 45 knots at times! It's getting pretty wild out there.

This is rather stronger than when everyone got seasick on the way towards Madagascar. Hopefully, I have my "sea legs" by now (I think "Sea Legs" are all the bruises you get from being thrown off-course by unexpected shifts in the ship's movement and consequent banging into things).

A few moments ago, we were here.

Bradley is just using his camera - I will revise this blog when I get a chance to grab some pics of the weather outside.


Here are our new Malagasy colleages who are on my shift along with Bradley. (L-R Roger, Thomas Razafimanambina, Jaques Phillipe). Picture courtesy Bradley Flynn.

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