Tuesday, 2 September 2008

CTD happened after all!

After waiting on station for over 6 hours, things had calmed down enough to do a CTD (but not multinet or bongos). The rest of my shift had assumed the weather was too rough and retired to bed, but I stuck it out and just did the whole thing myself (salinity samples, nutrient samples, phytoplankton samples, chlorophyll samples). I could have woken them up, but now I have the guilt axe to wield when things get tough!

The next station isn't until about 10:40am, well into the next shift, so I'm going to bed now!

Our current position is here.The wind has died down to a moderate breeze of 11-12 knots. The sea still feels fairly rough though and there's quite a lot of water washing around on the aft deck. We're making pretty good speed at just over 10 knots.

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