Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bad weather

Looks like the wind is hampering our scientific endeavours once again! At supper time, the motion of the ship and the pattern of the waves conspired a few times such that the mess room portholes ended up underwater and you got a brief view of the underside of the waves and out into the clear blue water of the open ocean before the ship moved and the porthole leapt back up into daylight.

We've been hanging around the last CTD station for several hours now (since about supper at 5:30PM) - it's about 1AM on board the ship (we're currently following Madagascar local time [GMT/UTC +3 hours]) and unless the weather improves fairly soon, I think we will be aborting this station and moving on.

I've ended up on the top bunk (I think Thomas misunderstood Bradley's saying the bottom two bunks had already been chosen) and getting in and out of that in bad weather is exciting. Particularly the getting out when you're still 3/4 asleep! I didn't sleep well at all between 6 and midnight - I think I was getting tossed around too much! So far, not feeling particularly seasick, but avoided eating anything at dinner. (I was very tired and that usually causes me to feel quite nauseous even without extreme boat motion).

I just spent about 45 minutes hanging out in the wheelhouse/bridge. It's got a great view and so many fun-looking gadgets. I managed to restrain myself from prodding them. Looks like the notice on the door is more to stop a flood of people colonising the bridge and to keep random people whilst the vessel is in port out - a few people occasionally going up there is apparently not a problem.

The wind has dropped down to Fresh Breeze, and is mostly in the 14-16 knot range, with the occasional gust to about 19.

Our position is currently here.

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