Monday, 15 September 2008

Approaching Toamasina/Tamatave

Well, I can just see some tall buildings on the horizon from here, which must be Toamasina/Tamatave, so I might be at least next to dry land, if not actually on it, in fairly short order!

Yesterday was very rough, apparently there was a major storm some way off, but the wind was still pretty strong and the swell was something else. Things were literally getting thrown around. It seems that, other than being irritating, the swell doesn't affect me very much now, fortunately. (I've generally been a fairly good sailor in moderately large to large ships, I don't always feel so great on little boats!). Somehow, we managed a trawl at about 4am, but didn't catch very much at all. I imagine at that hour, sensible fish will be sleeping somewhere (a totally unscientific hypothesis!). I know I wished I was!

I tried taking some pictures of the ship rolling about, but it only struck me to try that as the sun was on its way down, so I suspect they'll be a little blurry (I haven't checked them yet). I'll update this post or add a new one a little later.

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