Sunday, 31 August 2008

Position update

The Malagasy scientists are settling into life on the Nansen - we're showing them the ropes of the sampling protocols, fortunately, it's been fairly calm and the new people haven't been too seasick. We started another CTD line this morning, we're also doing plankton sampling with the Multinet and Bongo nets.

This is a lot less taxing than the fish trawl sorting that has had us so wrapped up the last few days! But it's a lot to take in, and I think there are a few language difficulties. I keep thinking that I shoud try out my (very!) rusty French, but I don't know many of the technical phrases! Using the word "thing" a lot isn't exactly all that helpful...

On the left, you can see the bongo net being launched; Jens-Otto and I managed to fix the tear in the net with some spare mesh and a hot-melt glue gun. I think in about 50 years time, civilisation will be entirely constructed out of cable ties, duct tape, hot melt glue gun and microchips!

We're currently here, and due to arrive at our next station in about 20 minutes.

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