Sunday, 24 August 2008

First morning at sea

Well, it's near gale-force winds out here and the ship is only doing about 4-5 knots. We've come about 60 Nautical Miles (multiply by 1.8 if you want kilometers) from Durban so far. At the moment, there's about 940m of water under the ship. Position is 29°26.847'S 32°5.900'E.

We just tried to have a bit of a cruise meeting up in the Acoustics lab, which is quite high up on the ship. As the scientists peeled off one by one to reduce the amount of breakfast they were carrying, it was decided to perhaps postpone the meeting and try holding it lower down on the ship. Chief Scientist Raymond Roman was particularly bleak - even with all the cruises he's done in the rough southern oceans, this is the first time he's lost his breakfast!

Turns out looking at computer screens is not ideal, just lost my breakfast! S0, I'll keep this brief. Up until just now, Sean Fennessy and I were the only guest scientists not feeling too bad. The ship is bouncing up and down quite a bit - but at least it's not rolling, which really makes me queasy! Sean's still going strong, but he spends quite a lot of time on the water.

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