Saturday, 30 August 2008

Farewell Nansen

Well, time for Arrie Klopper and myself to disembark - hard to believe we`ve been on board a week. Three hard days steaming, 2 days of physical oceanograpy, 2 days of trawling, 2 days to get back home! The fish team have spent some long hours keying out a stack of species - the anchovy mesh liner makes for some small specimens, and as for the demersal trawl, well, that got us 35 fish species in half an hour - including the tough wrasses and goatfishes.

We`re sitting off Tolianara (Fort Dauphin) waiting for the customs/immigration guys to finish their paperwork - the jetty is too shallow to let us close in, so we are being ferried by rubber duck - with a fresh north-easterly blowing nogal. Lucky we disembarkees are going with the wind, but the new arrivals and the immigration officials are somewhat damp - I amsure James will put some pics on later. Arrie and I have wrapped our bags in garbage bags, and we will be wearing some too, just like the shore anglers.

I will be following the blog with interest - thanks for the company and comradeship to all the crew especially Jens, Raymond, Jessica and James - fair weather and good catches.

Latest: the rubber duck has broken down, so we may have to transfer with the liferaft - will be a first for me - the alternative is to stay on until Toamasina.....

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