Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Calm weather - at last!

The sky has cleared up, and the sea looks more like what I would expect from tropical sailing - blue skies with a few scattered clouds, impossibly blue water and a calm sea, with a gentle swell at most.

People are looking far perkier, and the ship is getting up to a decent speed now. It looks like we'll be getting on station around midnight or just after. We're making a good 10 or more knots now, and the wind has calmed to a "gentle breeze" on the Beaufort scale. There is currently over 4,000m of water under the ship, earlier in the day it was over 5,000m - it's deep out here!

The humidity outside is 73%, both the water and air temperature are a pleasant 21.6°C.

Click here to see our current position.

I'll try run around with a camera just now and do some photoblogging.
Picture by Bradley Flynn

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